5083 Aluminium Checker Tread Plate

Alloy: 5083

Thickness: 1.5mm-6.35mm

Width: Under 2200mm

Length: Under 11000mm(11m) or By Coil

Temp: H*2 / H*4 / T4 / T6

Standards: ASTM B209 / ASME SB209


Versatility is a cornerstone of the WAA 5083 Aluminium Checker Tread Plate. Its exceptional weldability and formability empower seamless integration into a diverse range of projects, from marine to architectural applications. Whether it’s enhancing the durability of marine vessels against harsh saltwater conditions or adding aesthetic charm to architectural structures, this plate rises to the occasion.

Engineered with precision, the distinct tread pattern on this plate not only offers reliable traction but also exemplifies our unwavering commitment to superior design. Its non-slip surface ensures secure footing, making it an optimal choice for applications requiring both safety and style.

Product Name 5083 Aluminum Checker Tread Plate
Material 5083
Introduction An aluminum tread plate (tread brite / diamond plate) is a piece of material that is mostly used for safety reasons. The tread diamond pattern, means that small metallic parts pop out a few mm over the main surface, thus creating a firmer grip between your diamond pattern, means that small metallic parts pop out a few mm over the main surface, thus creating a firmer grip between your shoe and the plate. This is basically what accounts for the plate’s nonskid properties, and why they are so widely used in industrial sites.
Temper H*2, H*4, T4, T6
Packing Standard exporting wooded palletn; The bundle wegiht not exceed 2MT. Loading:by 1x20GP, 1X20GP can load about 18MT
Quality of materials totally free from defects like white rust, oil patches, roll marks, edge damage, camber, dents, holes, break lines, scratches and free from coil set.
Patten Tread brite/ diammond, stucco embossed, tread five bar
Application Aluminium Checker Plate is commonly used for flooring, stair treads, vehicle steps, toolboxes, and decorative purposes.
MOQ 5 tons
Delivery time 15 days after 30% T/T payment or receiving L/C copy

WAA 5083 Aluminium Checker Tread Plate

At the heart of our product lies the remarkable 5083 aluminum alloy, meticulously engineered for unparalleled strength and remarkable corrosion resistance. The distinct tread pattern showcases our dedication to innovative design, ensuring secure traction and creating a non-slip surface that blends safety with style.

Service excellence is paramount to WAA, and the 5083 Aluminum Checker Plate is backed by our impeccable track record. With extensive export operations, this plate has gained global recognition for its reliability and performance. Choosing WAA means choosing a partner that understands the value of both exceptional products and unwavering support.

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    Additional information

    Alloy No.



    H*2, H*4, T4, T6


    W≤2250mm / L≤11000mm or By Coil


    1.5 – 6.35mm

    Shipping & Packaging

    Aluminum sheet packaging details

    • In order to ensure that the surface of our aluminum sheets/plates remains intact and free from scratches, we clamp paper and cover film onto the surface before packaging.
    • Our aluminum sheets/plates are packaged using plastic or kraft paper to protect them from moisture and rain, ensuring that they remain clean and free from dirt during transportation.
    • We reinforce our packaging with wooden supports and steel belts to prevent any collision during transportation and maintain the shape of the aluminum sheets/plates.
    • All of our exported products are packaged in wooden cases and brackets that have been marked with fumigation to ensure compliance with international shipping regulations.


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