Why 5083 aluminum plate is favored by shipbuilding companies

Talking about marine aluminum plate, one of the well-known choices is 5083 aluminum plate. Marine aluminum sheet is a new field of aluminum plate product development and application. The production capacity of marine aluminum plate is now a significant factor in determining the overall strength of aluminum plate manufacturers. This is because the demand for marine aluminum plate has increased in recent years due to its various applications. Consequently, aluminum plate manufacturers with higher production capacity of marine aluminum plate are considered more competitive in the market.

5083 aluminum plate is favored by shipbuilding

So why is 5083 aluminum plate favored by shipbuilding companies?

5083 aluminum plate belongs to the Al-Mg alloy, with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, and good cold workability. Marine grade aluminum finds extensive use in various industries for the manufacturing of different products. It is commonly used to produce aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, transportation vehicles, streetlight brackets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, and more. In the shipbuilding industry, 5083 H116 / H321 / H112 aluminum plate is a popular choice. It is utilized for manufacturing ship decks, engine pedestals, ship sides, hull bottoms, and other essential ship parts due to its excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, and strength.

5083 aluminum plate meets the material selection requirements for marine aluminum plate.
  • 5083 alloy has high strength-to-weight ratio and high modulus ratio. The structural strength and size of a ship are closely related to the yield strength and modulus of elasticity of the material. Since the elastic modulus and density of aluminum alloys are roughly the same, the addition of alloying elements has little effect. Within a certain range, improving the yield strength is beneficial to reduce the weight of the ship’s structure. 5083 aluminum sheet has moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance and weldability.
  • It has excellent welding performance. 5083 aluminum plate has good crack resistance during welding and is less prone to cracking.
  • 5083 alloy has outstanding corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is one of the main indicators of marine alloys. 5083 aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum sheet, with good corrosion resistance and durability, capable of withstanding harsh marine environments.
  • It has a low density. Aluminum alloys have a lower density, which can reduce the weight of ship plates, save energy, and increase the payload.

5083 aluminium plate is favored by shipbuilding

It is safe and environmentally friendly. Aluminum alloys are non-combustible, making them safe in the event of fire. They have high recyclability and environmental friendliness.

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