How much does 3mm aluminum checker plate weight?

Recently, many people ask us how much 3mm aluminum checker plate weighs, today let’s talk about some “heavyweight” topics – 3mm aluminum checker plate in the end how much it weighs? Do not be in a hurry to get out your calculator, let me give you a riddle!

First of all, we need to know the aluminum alloy this magical “lightweight player”. Aluminum alloy, sounds very noble, right? In fact, it is based on aluminum, plus some “small partners” (such as magnesium, silicon and other elements) composed of alloys. This alloy is not only light, but also not low strength, truly “light and strong” model!

3mm aluminum checker plate weight

Back to the topic – 3mm aluminum checker plate. You may think, so thin plate can be heavy? Don’t worry, let’s use the scientific method to calculate.

The weight of aluminum checker plate can actually be calculated using a simple formula: weight = area × thickness × density. Here the density, that is, the aluminum alloy “body mass index”, different types of aluminum alloy density will be different. But in general, the density of aluminum alloy is about 2.7g/cm³, that is, each cubic centimeter of aluminum alloy weight is about 2.7 grams.

Now, let’s assume that the area of this aluminum checker plate is 1 square meter (that’s 10,000 square centimeters) and the thickness is 3mm (that’s 0.3 cm). Thus, the weight of this aluminum checker plate is

10000cm² × 0.3cm × 2.7g/cm³ = 8100g
(Converted to our more common units, that’s 8.1 kilograms!)

Isn’t that a lot lighter than you thought? Yes, that’s the beauty of aluminum alloys – light weight without sacrificing strength. So whether it is used as a building material, auto parts or daily necessities, aluminum alloy has gained wide popularity with its unique advantages.

If you find it difficult to calculate, you can try our aluminum plate weight calculator.

Weight of common size 3mm thick aluminum plate/aluminum checker plate

Length(mm) Width(mm) Weight(Kg)
2000 1000 16.20
3000 1500 36.45
4000 2000 64.80
5000 1500 60.75
6000 1000 48.6
10000 2000 162.00

Well, this is the end of today’s science. If you want to know more about aluminum alloy, please feel free to leave a message to tell me. Let’s go further and further on the road of science together!

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